Interventional Fellowship

Objectives and Goals of the Department of Radiology Interventional Fellowship Program:

  • To provide fellows with an in-depth understanding of all the general angiography and interventional radiology being performed today.
  • To be able to adequately judge the appropriateness of proposed cases as well as having a basic understanding of surgical and medical alternatives available.
  • Fellows should gain the skills necessary to adequately perform a pre-procedural work-up as well as administer post-procedural care.
  • They should obtain a working knowledge of the various drugs and contrast agents used in the various procedures.
  • Fellows should gain familiarity with many of the materials commonly used, i.e., guide wires, catheters, biopsy needles, drains, etc.

Finally, fellows should be able to perform most general angiographic and interventional procedures:

  • peripheral arteriogram
  • abdominal and thoracic aortagram
  • some selective arteriograms (renal, celiac, superior & inferior mesenteric arteriogram)
  • peripheral venography and pulmonary angiography
  • inferior venacavagram and filter placement
  • percutaneous needle biopsies of abdominal and thoracic lesions
  • peripheral angioplasty
  • percutaneous biliary drainage with and without stent placement
  • percutaneous abscess drainage
  • peripheral atherectomy and stent placement
  • embolization procedure
  • fallopian tube
  • percutaneous nephrostomy with stent placement

Teaching Methods

  • Daily reading sessions
  • Informal rounds of in-house patients
  • Actual “hands-on” performance of the daily cases
  • Responsibility for the work-up and follow-up of most cases
  • Chairman’s teaching conferences
  • Staff Lectures on selected topics
  • Provide cases for the teaching file referable to Angiography/Interventional Radiology
  • Most important, fellows are expected to read extensively from the bibliography provided
  • Attend Vascular Surgery conferences
  • Attend scientific meetings

Program Director: Monte Harvill, M.D.

Duration: 1.5 yrs
Total Posistions: 2
Posistions Filled: 2

Duty Hours

IR Fellowship Duty Hours: Duty hours are 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Including call covered from home every other weekend, not to exceed 80 hrs per week.

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